Difference between matched hits and No. Records

Hello, when I launch the index I have a difference between hits matched and No. Records, so some results don’t appear, it’s very strange and I can’t find how to fix this problem. thanks in advance

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Very odd issue! If you refresh your index is this issue still occurring? I thought maybe you had some facet filters selected but it doesn’t look like so.

Can you double-check your deduplication settings in your Index Configuration and ensure that the results are not being deduplicated?

  1. From the Index page, click ‘Configuration’
  2. Select ‘Deduplication and Grouping’
  3. Check the settings here to see if anything is configured

If not, would you be able to submit a support ticket here? Without support access granted on your account, we are unable to take a look at the data in your index so we are unfortunately limited in helping you debug this issue further.

Happy to help further, let us know! Thanks!

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Hello, yes so perfect this is due to deduplication. Thank you a lot