Different configurations inside the same <Instantsearch> component

Hi :wave:

We’re trying to show 10 search results inside one React component and 50 results for the same query inside another component. Is this doable? I’ve been experimenting with using <Configuration /> but it seems to change the query in both places :slight_smile:

Hi @kris, is those results coming from the same index or from a different one?

If it’s the same, you could use two different InstantSearch component. You can leverage the onSearchStateChange prop of the first one to get the searchState (and therefore the query) and inject it into the other InstantSearch. Then, use the Configure widget to set the hitsPerPage to 10 or 50.

If it’s not the same index, then you could use the Index api and do what we called a multi indices search. Check out this guide to have more information: https://community.algolia.com/react-instantsearch/guide/Multi_index.html

Let me know if this help or if you need more help,