Different search result when use similar search keywords

I faced a problem on the search results retrieved from my indices in the algolia account when I search for الرياضيات or رياضيات
when I do search for رياضيات
114 hits appear to me but when search for رياضيات
34 hist appears to me , how I can fix this problem , any one can help me.

Hi Aya,
Welcome to the forum!
I imagine you mean when you search رياضيات, you get 114 results, but 34 for لرياضيات , is that right?

If I’m getting that correctly, this is most likely happening because when we are searching for رياضيات, we are searching for just that word, but when we search for al riadyat, we are search both for riadyat and “al”, meaning a record needs to have BOTH words in order to be considered a match.

One way of handling this is to use our removeStopWords parameter, which removes stop words like “the” , “and” etc. from queries. Just be sure to set it to removeStopWords:ar – if you just set it to true, it will remove stopwords from ALL languages, which can actually cause some issues.

You can set the removeStopWords setting either through the API or in the dashboard under Indices >> Configuration >> Relevance Optimization >> Stopwords

Please let me know if I interpreted this all wrong, or if this suggestion doesn’t work. In that case, an e-mail to support@algolia.com (referencing this thread) might be best.

Thanks @maria.schreiber for your helps ,
I did change for removeStopWords by set it true for Arabic language , but I still face the same problem
Different result appear to my users when search for similar words as
كيمياء or الكيمياء
رياضيات or الرياضيات
I need to view same search results for both words رياضيات or الرياضيات
How I can fix this problem at my indices

Hi Aya,
Sorry to hear that didn’t help. Would you mind sending us an e-mail at support@algolia.com with your appID and which index you are testing on? Additionally granting us personification access here) Will allow us to look at your data set and see what is going on. Thanks in advance.

I have sent an email and I’m waiting for a reply