Direct link to an Object in Algolia interface


I need to make links to Objects stored in Algolia to share them with project/customers.

For exemple : Sign in | Algolia

I need a direct link to object “content3548langeng-gb”


@RemyL I checked and I couldn’t find a method to link to an object in the Dashboard. You can setup a custom filter for an objectID like so: {"filters":"objectID:M0E20000000E1HU"}, however, this value isn’t carried over into the URL parameters so I’m not sure how to pass it along.

Perhaps if someone else knows they can fill us in! :slight_smile:

A workaround would be to build a small frontend that uses either InstantSearch or the regular AlgoliaSearch library to load a specific objectID passed in the URL parameters.

It would be nice because I often need this feature…

@RemyL I will pass this along to the team and submit it as a feature request if possible. Thanks!