Disable typo tolerance on attributes really works?


I’m new on Algolia, i have built an index of products (120k). Each products have a SKU.
When a customer search an SKU, he need to find it quickly but i have a problem.
I use typo tolerance for the name of my products but i have disabled it for the SKU.
I will give you an example to understand my problem, when i search for example the sku : “xa801112”
Algolia return me 2 results : my product with the good SKU and another one with the sku “XA801412” and highlight it.
How to do ? (i cannot switch the system of typo tolerance and use the min value because user can also search by name of products)
You can test it on this website https://www.semboutique.com.
If someone know how to do , thaks for the tip.

[edit] i have updated my configuration. And add in typo tolerance disabled the field description. Now it seems to work but i don’t understand because nothing match in the attribute description…