Discourse header obscuring secondary nav on mobile

Looks like a recent update to the header bar here on Discourse is causing the secondary nav items to be obscured (e.g. a user can no longer toggle between categories).

Only an issue on mobile devices in portrait mode. Screenshots below:

It used to look similar to this other discourse instance:

Thanks Chad. We’ll look in to it!

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Thanks for the bug report @chad!

For now I’ve added a media query that will hide the search box on mobile. That should allow you to reach the browsing buttons again.

We are in the process of building and rolling out an Algolia plugin for Discourse that anyone will be able to use. Our own forum here is the first beta user, so please pardon any dust that you see, and continue to share feedback :slight_smile:

I filed an issue for mobile search in the plugin repo here:

Thanks again!

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