Display both WordPress and Shopify results in WordPress

We just signed up for Algolia and it seems much more complicated for our use case then we originally anticipated.

We have two sites - one on Wordpress and the other on Shopify, each with their respective Algolia plugins.

We need to combine the Shopify content with the WordPress content to display in the WordPress autocomplete and search results pages.

Looks like that needs custom coding.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Or, we’d be open to hiring someone to implement for us.

Hi @lloyd, you definitely understood this right. Algolia was designed for developers first, and going outside of what our integrations support by default usually requires some custom code.
Fortunately, all our integrations install code in a transparent manner and their code can easily be modified.

In our example, your goal will likely be to modify the main autocomplete file : algolia_autocomplete.js.liquid.
More information about autocomplete related files in our Shopify integration : https://community.algolia.com/shopify/autocomplete.html .
Our main JS library : https://github.com/algolia/autocomplete.js/ .

We already do have some logic to display blog posts if you had enabled indexing of blog posts in our Shopify app (which would have then used Shopify’s blog post system).
Here your goal would be, for blog posts only, to change the index used to instead be your WordPress one, and the template used to display it (snippets/algolia_autocomplete_article.hogan.liquid).

What about changing the search results page (not the autocomplete) in WordPress to include Shopify results?

The autocomplete library is actually the easiest of both, hence this suggestion to start there. :slight_smile: