Display search bar and results from Algolia Search

Hello everyone,
I have been spending many hours trying to set up Algolia for my website. It does work in the backend as I have instant results when I run Doctor.search(’‘Laura’) for example. However I have no idea and can’t find anywhere online how to display that info on a view?
Can someone please help? (I looked the Algolia website but couldn’t find anything about front end!)
Many thanks,

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Hi there,

Thank you for using Algolia! We have multiple frontend libraries for you to get started, called InstantSearch. The InstantSearch library can help you to quickly get started with a frontend for your search.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks @devin.beeuwkes ! I asked help and friend did it for me. I think the documentation is great, but sometimes missed some little key elements to help people who are occasional coders.
For example I had a simple_form which I used with PG search and it was working well. But I didn’t know I just had to replace and f.select line from that form with the relevant Algolia div to make it work… While it was quitesimple in the end.
Thanks again :slight_smile: