Do facets automatically update on search query?


I’m fairly new to algolia, so I may have missed this somewhere. I’m implementing Instantsearch and corresponding widgets in React Native. I’ve gotten my facets set up for my index and they all show up correctly with all correct counts on initial load. Once a user searches a specific query, i’d like for the facets values to dynamically update and display only facet values available w/in results of the query. Is that possible? I notice that the current behavior still contains all the facet values and counts from the entire index vs. counts and facet values valid and available in the specific search query.

If we have two products:

  • Product One
    { "title" : "Product One", "color": ["green", "red"] }
  • Product Two
    { "title" : "Product Two", "color": ["green"] }

If one of my facets is color, then if I search query “Product Two”, the value red should not show up in facet filter widget as available.

Hi @vera, the facets should update by default based on the query. Could you provide a code snippet or codesandbox to demonstrate the issue? We have a starter template for instantsearch here.

Keep in mind that React InstantSearch is compatible with React Native.

However, React InstantSearch widgets are not compatible with React Native. To leverage InstantSearch features in React Native, you must use connectors.