Do I get billed for Unretrievable Attributes?

My db is laid out like this

                  -address ...
                  -city: ...
                  -condition: ...
                  -name: ...

In the Dashboard I have

Searchable Attributes: account_info.address,
Attributes to Retrieve: account_info, account_info.address,

Unretrievable Attributes: brands, brands.condition,

Unretrievable Attributes doesn’t show up when I search but the node and all of its values are appearing in the Dashboard.

1- do I get billed for Unretrievable Attributes even though I’m not using them for search or anything related to Algolia?

2- If I am getting billed how can I set it so that these values are completely ignored?

Hi @flowtinc,

You are billed for records or operations, as is usual for whichever billing plan you’re on, and your plan does not bill for whether an attribute is retrievable or unretrievable. Instead, that is a setting for if the attribute is returned in the search response.

@addy.grothues Hi Addy, thanks for the reply. 1 quick question, wouldn’t all of the values under brands like brands.condition and be considered a record? Or is a record and operation considered the same thing?

Hey @flowtinc,

A record is an object that’s added to an index that can be searched for. To see an example of a record, please go here: What is a record? | Basics FAQ | Docs Algolia

This is not the same thing as an operation. Instead, and operation is an atomic action that Algolia’s engine performs. To see a list of things that would be an operation, please review our doc here: What is an operation? | Basics FAQ | Docs Algolia

Ok, I think I got it. The part that threw me off is when you said “You are billed for records or operations”. I was under the impression that a record is anything at all that is inside Algolia, such as an Unretrievable Attribute. But “A record is an object that’s added to an index that can be searched for” would mean that search for is what’s going to determine if it’s billable item. Basically if it can’t be searched I won’t be billed for it.