Do I have my separators to index set up correctly?

We have a lot of part numbers that include a dash (-) between a prefix and the numbers. Our customers don’t seem to have a lot of success finding those part numbers. I’ve set up the “Separators to Index” as shown in the this image:

Do I have it set up correctly or do I need to put quotation marks around each of the characters?

Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, I’m using Algolia on Shopify.

It would be great if we could have a look at your index and see if we can identify whats going wrong for you. Could you please write to Algolia Support @ with your Application ID and the index you are seeing this on.

Please also reference this thread so we have all the details for the problem you are seeing and finally provide us read access to your dashboard at so that we can see your logs and try the query from your dashboard.