Do I have to pay for ACL, Query rules and Synonym operations?

I really love Algolia service, but I still confused with the pricing and operation in Algolia.
I have tried to read pricing info on here
and also in FAQ here:

from the documentation here:

it is said:

We charge for all operations which are either indexing or search operations.

but, when I see the monitoring section in Algolia dashboard, there is a chart about “Charged Operations” and it seems to me that chart is the total of :

Search Operations + Index Operations + record operations + ACL operations + synonyms operations + query rules operations

so which one is correct ? do I have to pay only indexing and search operations ? or do I also have to pay ACL operations + synonyms operations + query rules operations ?


You’re right that we have some clarification to do! The stack of charged operations does include the entire list you mentioned and this is because each is still a request to the Algolia servers and your data.

I’ll submit a request to clear up that document. Thanks for bringing it up!