Do we pay for create an api key ? or just for the search requests?

I noticed that there are many search requests in my system, so I made some optimizations to reduce them. Currently, the Algolia client is already present on the page even before the user clicks on the filter. My question is, does getting a secure key. (client.generateSecuredApiKey) using AlgoliaSearch on the server incur any costs? Specifically, does it count as a search request?"

Please let me know if you need any further assistance or clarification!

Algolia’s secure API keys are designed to provide controlled access to specific resources and operations without exposing your main API key. These secure API keys can have restricted permissions, such as limiting the number of operations or restricting access to certain indices.

When you use client.generateSecuredApiKey on the server to create a secure API key, it does not initiate any search requests to Algolia’s servers. The function simply generates a secure key on the server-side based on the provided parameters and settings.