DocSearch behind authentication wall

Hey everyone. I have a system at my end where I am trying to setup DocSearch for crawling and reading documents. However, this system is for internal use and is behind an authentication wall. I have read on the DocSearch website that this functionality is for open websites only. Is there a way this can be worked around? Thanks in advance.


DocSearch is built for open source and non-profit documentation, so it doesn’t work with authentication walls (Who can apply? | DocSearch by Algolia).

You’ve got a few options here:

  1. Switch to the paid Algolia Crawler which support several auth mechanisms (Crawler: Login | Algolia)
  2. Punch a hole in your auth wall for DocSearch crawler (I’ve seen this done by user-agent)
  3. Run your own crawler: Run your own | DocSearch by Algolia

Hopefully one of those can get you up and running!