DocSearch is live on

:wave: algolians,

Thanks to your great service, Jekyll users can now search on Jekyll’s website :mag_right:

We are very happy about this and hope it can benefit thousands of users.

We use a very simple stack (Jekyll + GitHub Pages + DocSearch) and it does the job perfectly. KISS.

A big thanks to @pixelastic, @vvo and especially @Sylvain.PACE for their precious insights and support :hugs:

If you happen to have some data on what users search the most, and it can help enhance our docs, let us know :wink:


Hi Frank,

You rock!

Glad to help,

I have granted you access to the analytics we have,

check your gmail mailbox,



That’s awesome, thanks a lot @frank.taillandier. Nice work :slight_smile:

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Big big fan of Jekyll. Awesome move!

What would be Algolia’s recommandation to cache docsearch assets?

Right now it’s served from jsdeliver CDN, I don’t know if it’s often updated so I wonder if this is something we could optimize.

Are you experimenting any bad non-cached behaviour using DocSearch? There’s a default of seven days browser cache on @2 urls.

No, I was just wondering how often docsearch was updated but 7 days is OK I guess.