Docsearch is not working as expected

I’m using Docsearch@3 and have the basic setup.

    indexName: 'xxxx',
    container: '#search',
    appId: 'xxx',
    apiKey: 'xxx',
    placeholder: 'Search Documentation',
    searchParameters: {
          facetFilters: ['v:' + version]

I’m currently experiencing 2 issues with my setup:

  1. When I search with a keyword, it populate up to 5 results but the result titles are not related to the exact content available on the doc.
    I have an h3 tag in my page that says “Get started with the parameters” and If I search for this content using the exact title as search keyword, the dropdown does not return this value as hit title. It shows a text line with matching keywords. The same happens with other heading tags as well.

  2. Currently, it displays 5 results under the source title “Documentation”. I have more than 20 pages in my documentation and most of the pages contains the “Overview” sub section. So when I search for “Overview”, I would like to have the results grouped by the page’s H1 title.

 - Overview (from introdction page)
 - other results... 

Get Started
 - Overview (from Get started page)
 - other results... 

Do I need to have any special configs in the dashboard to have these things in place? Kindly advise.

@rushenn123 Recently I did similar troubleshooting, I suggest you try the following:

  1. Omit facetFilters and start with the most basic searches.
  2. Get familiar with the search dashboard. Test queries and inspect the JSON objects of the results. This will help you understand how your content is indexed and why results are being returned.
  3. Review your crawler configuration. Double-check that your hierarchy and content are being scraped correctly.

Hope that helps.