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The react-instantsearch docs are missing tons of props that are in the examples. Something has gone wrong with the doc autogenerator.

 * The SearchBox component displays a search box that lets the user search for a specific query.
 * @name SearchBox
 * @kind widget
 * @propType {string[]} [focusShortcuts=['s','/']] - List of keyboard shortcuts that focus the search box. Accepts key names and key codes.
 * @propType {boolean} [autoFocus=false] - Should the search box be focused on render?
 * @propType {boolean} [searchAsYouType=true] - Should we search on every change to the query? If you disable this option, new searches will only be triggered by clicking the search button or by pressing the enter key while the search box is focused.
 * @propType {function} [onSubmit] - Intercept submit event sent from the SearchBox form container.
 * @propType {function} [onReset] - Listen to `reset` event sent from the SearchBox form container.
 * @propType {function} [on*] - Listen to any events sent form the search input itself.
 * @propType {React.Element} [submitComponent] - Change the apparence of the default submit button (magnifying glass).
 * @propType {React.Element} [resetComponent] - Change the apparence of the default reset button (cross).
 * @propType {string} [defaultRefinement] - Provide default refinement value when component is mounted.
 * @themeKey ais-SearchBox__root - the root of the component
 * @themeKey ais-SearchBox__wrapper - the search box wrapper
 * @themeKey ais-SearchBox__input - the search box input
 * @themeKey ais-SearchBox__submit - the submit button
 * @themeKey ais-SearchBox__reset - the reset button
 * @translationkey submitTitle - The submit button title
 * @translationkey resetTitle - The reset button title
 * @translationkey placeholder - The label of the input placeholder
 * @example
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Thanks for noticing David, we will look into this first thing next week!

github issue


Hey David,

Our website is updated on every version change, the last of which was 26 days ago now. The props you’re mentioning here will be new in the next version of react-instantsearch. We’re working on a system to get beta versioning into place, but as you understand, it’s very important that we don’t break things, just because we want everything to be as new as possible.

The new props will be released in the next version for sure though, so keep your eyes out for that!

Have a nice day!

Ah okay I see. Cool thanks for checking, the new props and the next version’s code is quite useful.

Have a nice day aswell!


Hey, just letting you know that we now have beta deploys. We aren’t sure if the domain will change, but for now you can see the beta documentation at

Have a nice day!

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