[Documentation] there are apparently two different paths to a quite similar documentation


There is a quite disturbing behaviour on the Algolia documentation.
If you go to Algolia Documentation then click on a client library you will be directed to The JavaScript API client | Algolia, for example. Note the api-client/ path.

Now on the top right, search the term “query”. At the end of the search results, items have a “Query Strategy” tag. If you click on it, you’ll be directed to queryType API parameter | Algolia. Note the api-reference/ path.

What’s disturbing?
On The JavaScript API client | Algolia, where you were guided through the navigation, there is no “Query Strategy” menu item.
There are some useful informations in there and they’re not that obvious to find.

I hope it helps.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

I understand this can be a bit confusing.

The fact is /doc/api-client/ is the documentation specific to languages (methods for each language). When /doc/api-reference/api-parameters/queryType/ is a parameter doc valid for all languages.
I am not sure how we can improve that yet :slight_smile:, we’ll need to think about it.

I’ll forward your feedback to the doc team.

Thanks again.