Docusaurus v2 + Netlify: index without results


Im using Docusaurus v2 and Netlify to deploy the website. I can see the Algolia crawler runs after the deploy and finds the sitemap.xml but I still don’t get any results on the index. Any idea what I might be missing?

The app ID is: Y6JGTPHTR2

Edit: I can see exactly 2 results. I believe what might be missing is a Docusaurus v2 config in the crawler? However I have no idea how to set it.
The documentation mentions editing the configuration but there’s no such options.

This is a bug with Docusaurus: pages without trailing / redirect to the version with a trailing /, which themselves have a canonical URL pointing to the version without /

The documentation you link is for DocSearch, it doesn’t apply to Netlify.

I’ve updated your crawler manually to ignore the canonicals, it should fix your problem.