Does Algolia Free plan allow API calls for saving objects?

We have an application that uses Algolia and we have a paid plan for our production environment.

But I was in need of a development environment and created a new application with FREE plan. But when navigating to API keys I’ve noticed that there is just a Search API Key and when i issue API calls with this one I receive Method not allowed for saving objects.

Is it possible to have a free plan with full functionality for testing purposes? Or do we have to pay for an additional app?

Hi Bruno, thanks for asking your question.

The Search API key will only do searches, whether in development or production. What you want to use is the Admin API key when you are doing a saving or indexing operation. You can find it in your dashboard in the API Keys section.

Be cautious with this key, since it can perform any action. Keep it a secret and only use it from your backend (do not put it in any client side code which would be visible in the browser). Alternatively, you can generate your own API key that has write permissions, making sure to keep that safe too.

See the Algolia Security Guide for more information.

Hello dzello. Thanks for answering. I’m checking my API Keys section on dashboard but still can see only the Search API KEY and no other key.
Please see attached screenshot.

Ah I see. In this case, your user account has limited access to this application. You should contact the owner and have them change your permissions (they will have a tab in their dashboard called “Team” where they can configure that).