Does Algolia have semantic search capability?

I am working on a social media type app and I need semantic search implemented. I see there are a couple of blog posts on Algolia website about semantic search but I can’t find whether Algolia has that capability or not.

Essentially I like to search the index given a phrase and get relevant set of posts back. Not looking for textual comparison.

Thank you!

Hi! You’re catching us at a bad time. We had a semantic search capability called “Answers” we were testing based on open source models, but it wasn’t living up to expectations.

We recently acquired which has strong semantic capabilities via their Neuralsearch technology, but it won’t be available via Algolia until Q1.

Feel free to reach out to me via DM (or at is you can’t DM yet) and I can get you in touch with the appropriate parties if you want to help test the new products/features.