Does Algolia search blogs?

WE have a number of recipes which we want searched. It appears that algolia is not built for searching blog posts?

There is a wordpress extension here:

If it’s not a wordpress blog, I think it would be a bit more complicated.

Hi @sales2,

Thanks for asking how Algolia might work with your recipes blog!

Algolia is schemaless - it can take any information that you decide to include in your Algolia index that you think would help for returning relevant search results.

For example, you could create a recipes index on Algolia where each record has the information that you think is most helpful for searching and returning relevant recipes.

Here is just an idea of what one record might look like:

{"recipe_name": "my cookies", "description": "healthy gluten free cookies", "ingredients" ["butter", "brown sugar",..., "eggs"]}

In this way, Algolia is not a database to save your full recipes. Instead, it is where you include the details that you think are most relevant to search.

As recipes are sometimes long documents, you should keep in mind only indexing information that is relevant to the search. This way you reduce size and complexity which means faster results for your user!


  • As noted by @cbyers, if your blog is on WordPress, there is an extension to help.

  • Otherwise you can just as easily create the index yourself and then use one of our InstantSearch libraries to create a fantastic search that returns relevant recipe results.

Here are some relevant links:

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