Does DocSearch JS support subresource integrity?

My infosec team is requesting that we load the DocSearch javascript with the subresource integrity property. I noticed that the Instantsearch.js files support this, as seen in the code snippet here. However the DocSearch code snippet does not offer the same option.

I realize that I can generate the hash myself, but that’s not a permanent solution if the source file could change without warning.

Can I use this integrity hash and expect the DocSearch JS file not to change?

script src="" integrity="sha256-9YwDyZ6nUsvEuYEWMqPqiCUZ+3ykeo4PJ+wNy8NTIBM=%"

(Edit: Discourse blocks my post when it has a valid script HTMl tag, hence the modified code above.)

Perhaps better requested as a feature in the repo.