Don’t see events in Personalization

I have a problem where I use Personalization. I have send event and saw it in the Events Hub and Debugger, but I can not see it on Personalization. It notes “Seems like you’re not sending us any events at the moment.”. I have check the IndexName, ObjectIds, they are all right. How can I fix it?

@weijieyu7 welcome to the community!

Are all of the events in the debugger free of any errors? How are you sending these events to Algolia, are you synthetically generating them, or are these real events?

Depending on how you are sending the events and the data inside, the system may not be forwarding them. For example, if you are sending lots of events for one User we won’t forward all of them which may be the issue you are seeing.

Happy to help further, just let us know your exact setup so we can dig in further. Thanks!

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Thank you for your response.

I have send the simulate data to test the function before. But today, I try to use the real data and send from the ios Client by the ‘clickedAfterSearch’,‘convertedObjectIDsAfterSearch’,‘viewedObjectIDs’ function. All of the events are in the debugger has no errors and show “This event will be forwarded”. But the Personalization still has no event.

Thank you in advance

Those events at first glance seem okay to me too, I double-checked our FAQ and here’s a few things to check:

  1. If needed for your specific Personalization request, ensure your queryID is being detected properly. If you click the ‘Query Details’ in that first screenshot, is the query being shown?
  2. What are the timestamps of the events you are sending? Ensure they are within the last four days as this is a limit on our side.
  3. For click and conversion events, the timestamp must be within one hour of the corresponding search event.

We have some more information on the debugger here if you are interested. Let me know how these checks go, happy to help further! Thanks!

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Thank you for your response.

1.QueryID is being detected properly. The query details also show on the debugger page.

2. The events timestamp is right. They all not exceed the limit.

3.On the events Hub and Debugger page, everything is seem normal.

I have also check with your Guides and Document again, and found no wrong.


Can you share the personalization strategy you’ve configured? Which facets are you using for personalization? I’m wondering if something just isn’t lining up in your index between the records in the search and the facets in your Personalization strategy.

Also from your snapshots, it looks like you are using ObjectIDs auto-generate by the dashboard, other than using a unique ID within the record – this doesn’t necessarily break personalization, but it may break your ability to do updates to records and is discouraged for production databases.

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The personalization’s strategy and facets I can not configured because The Events did not appear.
I try to delete the old Application and renew a Application, config index again, the problem solved.

I think it maybe my old test event data influence Algolia work.

I also use a unique ID instead of ObjectIDs auto-generate by the dashboard, thanks your notice. I wrongly think the ObjectID can not be customed before.
Thank you again!

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