Don't load products in HTML


I’m wondering why the magento integration doesn’t prevent the php side from generating all the product details when going to a category URL. This is only creating load on the server, as the user never sees that. Is that intentional?



I don’t think it’s intentional or required. We’ll consider it as a new feature, it would help magento load faster. :+1:

Thanks for open the discussion. I opened an issue on our extension repositories. Feel free to submit a pull request :wink:


Hello @alex1,

actually it’s intentional - it’s because of crawlers (search engines, …) which might not go through JavaScript properly and rely on the rendered HTML.
That’s why we don’t prevent backend from rendering those pages and we don’t even offer it as a configurable option as not-skilled users might eventually kill the accessibility of their website.
Does it make sense to you?

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Understood, I feared something like this is the reason. Ideally I’d still switch that off or do a browser detection, as generating this on every page load is quite ressource intensive, and I spit out a sitemap for crawlers anyway. Also - but I haven’t verified with Algolia implementation yet - google seems to be able process javascript just fine.

Browser / User-Agent detection sounds good.
I’m thinking about having this feature configurable so you can turn off the server-side rendering and specify user-agents for which you want to keep it turned on. Would it make sense for you?

Yes. I guess it boils down to configurable regexp for the user agent.

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Thanks for your inputs Alex,

we’ll put it on our roadmap, but still there is nothing decided yet as we have to thought through all the possible consequences.