Dress Pants are not a type of Dress


I am indexing clothing, and I have some items indexed as “Dress” and some indexed as “dress pants” problem is when a user searches “dress” they come up with all the listings of dress pants as well.

How can I fix it that dress pants are only returned if the user actually searches for dress pants

Hi Jonathan,

Do you mind if we take a look at your data set first? That would allow us to dig into the issue further.

A reason why the dress pants records would appear along with the other dress records is that our search engine wants to ensure that we did not eliminate any potential relevant results before the users finish typing. For this specific case, even if the query string is dress, the user could still be typing the word dress pants. There are ways to “boost” dresses and taking a look at your data will help us give you the best advice.


Hi @caras–is this something you still need help with? Let us know how we can be of assistance.