Duplicate and triplicate records on Shopify index


I’m trying out the Shopify integration as described at https://community.algolia.com/shopify/ and I’m amazed by what this service offers.

That said, I am running into a bit of problem, where the index seems to have multiple copies of the same product, as seen on this image:

I’ve confirmed these duplicates are actually the same product on the catalogue, so I’m unsure to what’s causing the duplicates.

Any ideas of where I could check this?

Hi @luis,

I’m Charly, Engineer in the Shopify team at Algolia, thanks for reaching us!

Are you sure that your product does not have any variants?
Because, by default, search results display variants.
This can be updated by enabling the “Display products instead variants” in the “Display” tab of the Plugin admin panel.

If your shop does not have variants, please reach us at support@algolia.com with the following information so we can take a deeper look:

  • the URL to this thread to give some context
  • your store information

We will be happy to look at it!

Hi @charly.poly,

Thanks so much for looking into this.
I do have that option enabled:

But you have a point too, as looking into the catalog the amount of repetition seems to correlate directly with the number of variants each product has

Given that the option is enabled, I will reach out with the details via email if thats okay.

Hi Charly,

I’ve sent the information to support@algolia.com last week but haven’t heard back. Can you confirm if the message went through?

Hi @luis,

I replied to your message via mail, sorry for the delay.


For any future reader, I believe the issue was that the attributeForDistinct setting was not correctly set when the setting was saved.
In case this happens to you also, you can try:

  • Un-ticking the “Show products instead of variants”
  • Saving
  • Ticking it again
  • Saving