Dynamic content Wordpress

I use dynamic content on a business directory page. The search is not showing the content, but the “dynamic attribute”…


Any tweaks to show the content or excerpt of the post/page?




Hi there,

Could you share the live url of the page you are receiving this error. When I try the same searched on your home page I do not have the issue.



Thanks for the reply!

I now found out that the issue is there when I re-index.
After the re-index; I need to update all posts, only then the issue is gone and Algolia can read the content.

As I have many posts, it takes time to update all…

I have tried to delete the Cache after re-index, but that did not help.

The URL shared, is the one.

If you go to the instantsearch, and type nothing. You will see the issue on the posts that hasn’t been updated after the re-index.