DynamicWidgets widget and widget display

Hello, I am trying to make use of the DynamicWidgets widget for our client site, but am getting caught up part way through.

I have used the demo code from the link above and modified it slightly to point to various different attributes in my attempts to troubleshoot. Each time we’re getting no widgets showing, but we are seeing our selected container get some extra markup. For example, our container is just a <section> tag, and the final results thus far is as such:

<section class="ais-facets" id="dynamic-widgets">
<div class="ais-DynamicWidgets">
<div class="ais-DynamicWidgets-widget"></div>

We have made sure that we have set the attempted attributes to be set in the “attributesForFaceting” section, and i believe we want them listed as “searchable”. Is that correct? Are we missing handling any other steps that I may have missed?

Any extra information would be awesome.

As a probable followup, I was testing with an account that’s only on a free plan. I tapped into the client account that is paid, and things are looking like they’re working now.