E-Commerce : Product vs sku

Hello Team,

We are a large Ecommerce website in France. We are currently checking algolia and got one main question about the design of the object to put in algolia.
We have about 450 000 products and 1.2 Millions of SKU (which can be sell by different vendors).

We would like to be able to filter in list page/search page by color/size/vendor and only get products when it’s available for this size/color/vendor.

If we create one object by product like this;
Colors : Red/Blue/Green
Size : 40/42/44
Vendors : V1/V2
=> We don’t know the dependancy and so it’s not really relevant for customer.

From this article you recommand to index at sku level : https://www.algolia.com/doc/tutorials/full-text-search/distinct/ and distinct at productID.
=> It makes sense for us but how do we handle a change in all our SKUs.
If for one product I have 5 colors/5sizes and 5 vendors it’s 555 = 125 documents. If we want to change the title of the product, we need to update 125 documents ? For our size it’s a lot of update for each change.
Same things if one product is added to one category, we need to update 125 documents.

Am i missing something ? What is the best practices on this ?
Do you have anything like "main document : Title/Categories/Number of likes/rating and child document which contains only SKUs ?

Thanks in advance,
I hope it’s clear .

Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for your message. Let’s discuss that during our phone call later today.


We’re in a very similar situation. We update everything when one of the SKUs change, but to reduce the number of updated records we check what was updated in our system. So if you update a field that’s the same across SKUs, we update them all. But if the updated field is SKU-specific, we update only that record. So in some cases we’d update 125 records, but when we can we’d update only 1.