eCommerce Search & Discovery UI Design Kit

Today, Search and Discovery experiences are essential on any ecommerce website, and end-user expectations keep getting higher and higher. At the same time, building experiences with great UI and UX design remains complex and time-consuming.

From day one, our mission at Algolia has always been to “Empower every business to create delightful experiences” that can create joy and trust among users and drive business goals.

We added new advanced features to our platform and constantly improved our front-end libraries, for example, InstantSearch and Algolia Autocomplete so that all developers can build those experiences quickly.

At the same time, we realized that we hadn’t done enough to provide you with enough guidance and resources for the UI and UX design to build fully functional, performant, and enjoyable experiences.

Introducing our new Ecommerce Search and Discovery UI Design Kit
Today’s we’re happy to announce the release of our first free and open source design system with ready-to-use elements for designing a best-in-class search and discovery experience in your ecommerce store.

The Ecommerce Search and Discovery UI Design Kit is 100% customizable to fit your brand.
All screens are fully responsive, including:

This one has been built to be 100% customizable in order to fit your brand.
It includes responsive screens such as

  • Home
  • Multi-category Autocomplete
  • Search & Category Product Listing
  • Filtering Panel
  • Product Detail with Recommendations
  • Checkout
  • Store Locator

You can find it at

Further enhancements
We want to continue to improve the UI kit by:

  • Providing annotations to views for better guidance
  • Increasing composability by making components more atomic

We’d love to hear your feedback
Your feedback is what drives the development! We’d love to hear your feedback to improve the UI Kit in the direction that helps you best. Please share any questions or feedback in the thread below.

The Algolia GTM Solutions team