Electoraliste.fr : easy voter registration in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

It’s a very simple project : the user fills a HTML form and receives a ready-to-print PDF of the official french administration form (Cerfa). The purpose of this project is to reduce the friction of voter registration.

The HTML form is far more usable than the PDF one thanks to Algolia Places : you start to type your address, select the Algolia suggestion and it automatically fills the Address, Town and Postal code. It works like a charm :smiley:, including on mobile.

My only issue is that Chrome native autocomplete overlays the Algolia suggestions, but it’s more of a browser issue. I found some weird hacks, but it’s apparently impossible to disable Chrome autocomplete with an html attribute :disappointed:.

The stack is super simple : a static HTML form hosted on Github Pages and a Google Cloud Function that generates the PDF. I also use the very handy Signature Pad library to enable the user to sign directly from his device.

The form is available here : electoraliste.fr

Don’t hesitate to test, share and give feedback on the twitter account :blush:

PS : if you’re french you have until 31 December to register to vote for the next year European election :eu::ballot_box:

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This is a nice use case, thanks for sharing :clap: