Empty filters displaying after plugin update

After last update of WordPress, “Algolia Search for WooCommerce” plugin and “Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results” plugin - empty filters are displaying.

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Could you share with us a link to your the page you took a screenshot of?

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Removing the border bottom solves the issue:

Then, if you want to keep the borders, you should probably attache it to something that does dissapear when there are no results.

Thank you for your answer!

We have Production server, where we didn’t update these plugins.
Everything working good with borders.


Maybe it is related to a change in the underlying InstantSearch.js library.
It looks like InstantSearch.js does not add display:none anymore:

Maybe @iam4x could help us out here.

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Yep, changing of CSS is a fast fix of this issue,