Empty uiState after route change

I’ve followed the docs for setting up routing with vue-router and nuxt. My route includes up to 3 path segments (e.g. /grandparent/parent/child/ and seems to be working via my stateMapping config.

The pattern for this route is `/search/:group?/:category?/:subCategory?/’,

The issue I’m having is that after a navigation event (e.g. clicking on an item in an hierarchical menu widget or clicking a <nuxt-link> to view a different category there is an additional (unwanted!) state change (I believe it’s emitted by the vue instantsearch components) which is sending a uiState of {}. This results in the .write() hook of the router receiving a routeState object where every key has a value of undefined.

Before vueRouter.push() is called the app is in the correct state. It’s when we persist that state change to history that the unwanted event with empty uiState happens.

Anyone run into this before?

Seems like there are several possibly related issues: