Enable filter for specific categories

I have installed algolia filter module in my magento site. I want to enable this filters only for few Categories, not for all. And also when I add new facets from backend, its not showing in frontend side filter.

Hello @jens ,

Enabling filters for only some of the categories is not something that we provide out of the box in our extension. But to help you to customize it, we added some frontend events and a customization extension.

For Magento 1:
Events : https://community.algolia.com/magento/doc/m1/frontend-events/
Customization extension : https://community.algolia.com/magento/doc/m1/customize-extension/

For Magento 2 :
Events : https://community.algolia.com/magento/doc/m2/frontend-events/
Customization extension : https://community.algolia.com/magento/doc/m2/customize-extension/

Concerning your facets issue, are you sure that you indexed all your data ? The facets display on the frontend should be automatic.

Hope this will help.

Best regards.