Error after adding a few thousand records: Unreachable hosts - your application id may be incorrect

I’m on the Open Source plan (thank you Algolia!) and attempting to add records, 100 at a time, each of which looks like this:

  "st": 649.23,
  "t": "of Apache too and they like they",
  "v": "vu7wST7m_1Y",

I’m using the following code, where objects is an array of a maximum of 100 records:

index.saveObjects(objects, {autoGenerateObjectIDIfNotExist: true})

After adding 20–30,000 records I start to get the following error:

Unreachable hosts - your application id may be incorrect.

I’ve checked the application ID and API keys, and these seem to be OK.

Any ideas? Is this a rate limit problem?

I’ve also emailed

Hi Sam! I’ve just replied to your message on

For any other users facing this issue, please feel free to contact us at If you could provide this information when you do that, it’ll allow us to investigate most efficiently:

  1. Are you aware of when these connectivity issues started? If so can you give us a precise timeline in UTC time zone of the event?
  2. Has anything changed recently on your side (coding) or on your datacenter provider side? Please check their status too.
  3. Have you attempted to index a very large quantity of records at once?

This message often appears when your server may not be able to contact the Algolia API. In order to confirm this, please run our diagnostic script command below on your impacted servers. Ensure that you replace “YourAlgoliaApplicationId” with your actual Algolia application id

curl -sL > ./ && sudo ./ YourAlgoliaApplicationId

Please include the link generated by running this command in your message to The output will give us more insight regarding the connection issues.

I am facing the same issue. This is an index of 20K records.

Got unreachable hosts error when trying to search records, with limit set to 10 hits per page

Edit: Solved now. Env variables were messing up the API keys

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