Error: 'createContext' is not exported by node_modules/preact-context/dist/context.min.js

I do this as stated in the in the docs:

import { AisInstantSearch, AisSearchBox } from 'vue-instantsearch'

Then, when I run my gulp task I get this error:

"Error": "createContext is not exported by node_modules/preact-context/dist/context.min.js",
"url": "",
"pos": 213,
"loc": {
    "file": "[PROJECT]/node_modules/preact-compat/dist/",
    "line": 5,
    "column": 9,
"frame": "3: import { render, cloneElement, createRef, h, Component, options } from 'preact'; 4: export { createRef } from 'preact'; 5: import { createContext } from 'preact-context'; 6: export { createContext } from 'preact-context';",

I can get it to run by doing this, but then I don’t get to tree-shake and save loads of KBs:

import InstantSearch from 'vue-instantsearch/dist/vue-instantsearch'

I really want to make the first one work. You guys have any suggestions on how to fix the error?

It seems like there’s a misconfiguration in your bundler. Are you using Preact in your app?

If that can be of any help, I created an example that relies on vue-cli-service on this sandbox.

Not using preact. I must try and upgrade my gulp stack to newer versions and see if that help.