Error in back browser button using routing URLs

I have implemented routing URLs in angular instasearch and I encounter the following problem, when I select a product from the search list it takes me to the product detail page, and when I click back in the browser it does not return to the previous page until the second click.
I have a suspicion that it may be something related to historyRouter but I’m not sure.
I hope you can help me to solve this problem.
thank you! and greetings

Hi @giannilupi9,

Would it be possible to provide a code snippet or codesandbox to demonstrate the issue? We have starter templates here.

Seeing the code will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Hi! thanks for your answer
In the following sandbox I leave a replica of my problem, I create a new component: ProductsComponent, and I route it when clicking on any product, you can notice that being in ProductsComponent when pressing back it remains in the same component until the second click that returns to searchComponent

Hi @giannilupi9!

Indeed this is a known issue, but you’ll be able to find multiple workarounds on this page Let us know if it worked for you!

Have a good day