Error in instantsearch when useing sortBy


I have on my page instantsearch where I can searching, pagination etc. and everything working fine.
But in the moment when I insert sorting:

            container: '#sort-by',
            items: [
                { label: 'Featured', value: 'shop_offers' },
                { label: 'Price (asc)', value: 'shop_offers_total_asc' },
                { label: 'Price (desc)', value: 'shop_offers_total_desc' },
                { label: 'Status (desc)', value: 'shop_offers_status_desc' },
                { label: 'Status (desc)', value: 'shop_offers_status_desc' },

And when I start sorting I got this:

1. message: "Index not allowed with this API key"
2. status: 403

And in the same time search also not working. Why?
When I remove sorting - this piece of code above - everything back to normal.

shop_offers - it’s my index.

Hi @ekomerz, it appears that one of the indices that you are trying to use in your sort does not have the permission to be used with the API key you are using. You can check the permissions for the API key in your Algolia dashboard. Api keys can have restrictions set on certain indices as seen here.