Error ___ is not a retrieved facet on custom input field

I’m getting an error when the page loads, and sometimes when searching:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: NAME OF ATTRIBUTE is not a retrieved facet.

Everything else appears to work correctly though, searching, showing facets…etc. I narrowed it down to using a refinement list with the “configure query” when using an input field outside of the instant-search tag. There are 3 searches dispatched, 2 look identical, the third includes facets.
Using vue-instantsearch@2.0.1

<input type="search" v-model="searchboxtext" />


<!--    When swapping these two fields:   -->
<!-- Throws error -->
<ais-configure :query="searchboxtext" />

<!-- Would not throw error -->
  <input type="search">


<ais-refinement-list attribute="NAME" />


new Vue({
  el: '#vue',
  data: {

    searchClient: algoliasearch(

Hi, this is an internal error which doesn’t have an impact on the actual search app (reading early threw an error, which is caught, but isn’t needed), but we have fixed this in the next major version of Vue InstantSearch. It’s now in beta, however note that server side rendering doesn’t yet work in that beta. Thanks