Error with postman

I’m getting this response:
“message”: “This operation cannot be processed, the application is blocked. Contact us to unblock it.”,
“status”: 403

Not sure if this is because my API call is wrong or something. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nceo – we recommend using one of our language-specific clients for connecting to the API as direct REST calls do not fall under the SLA for our API.

It’s hard to troubleshoot your API issue without knowing what application ID you are attempting to access, but I would verify your credentials for the app/index in the dashboard to make sure they have appropriate permissions.

It seems like your application has been blocked and you need to contact the relevant party to unblock it. This may be due to a violation of the API’s terms of service or some other issue I also faced same on this article.

To get more information on why your application has been blocked and how to unblock it, you should reach out to the API provider’s support team.