Exact match bug?

Hi, I’m not sure the this is a bug or a miss configuration.

We use algolia for search inside our news and we are having some trouble with exact match.
When i search for (“rare item”) it return registers with “rare” AND register with “item”, but im looking for return with only registers with “rare item”
Looks like the space between the words is interpreted as an AND .

Do you have the advancedSyntax feature turned on?

On the dashboard it’s under Indices > Configuration > Advanced Syntax (it’s at the bottom).

You can also set it on the client - docs here.

If you DO have the feature turned on, I’m sure an Algolian will get back with some ideas soon.

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Hi @ricardo,

Welcome to the Algolia Community!

I believe it may be something with your configuration. But, to make sure, could you send an email to support@algolia.com so that we can get the specifics about your account.

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