Exact match on attribute

Is there a way to prevent a match on an attribute unless a keyword search exactly matches?

Right now I have an index with genre and sub-genre attributes.

Sub-genre is the highest ranking searchable attribute.

If a user searches for ‘rock’, it will match on sub-genres of “Hard Rock”, “Indie Rock”, “Classic Rock”, etc.

I’ve disabled prefix matching on genre and sub-genre, but that doesn’t help in this case.

I need to match on the exact set of words (e.g. “Hard Rock”), or not at all.

From what I’ve read, surrounding the search in quotes should help (with advanced syntax active), but it would be difficult to determine when a user is searching for a genre/sub-genre vs a general search.

Without this I’m finding a search for ‘rock’ and ‘indie’ return 3 of the same top results.

Thanks for your help!

Disable typo tolerance for the given attribute.