Exact search for words, numeric search can be exact why not words

I achieved following behaviour, with typo-tolerance set to false:

1:.) numeric

by typing 54 => the resulsts will be 54 + 546, because they match into 54 / 546
so far so good

2.) numeric exact

by typing 54 in quotes => the resulst will be 54, because it looks for the exact match

3.) word

now here comes the odd part / my question

4.) word exact (no difference)

by typing the query into quotes the result / search behaviour won’t change, why is that ?

how can i achieve the resulst to be exact,

so the resulst for “this is”, will only be “this is” and not “this is a”, “this is a” and "this is a test"

already tried a lot of different settings, and ways, how are spaces as seperators are treaten.

Greetings Johannes

Hello Johannes,

Thanks for contacting us to day and for the very detailed question.
As you already understood exact match only works at word level.

But there is a solution that correspond to what you are looking for: Facets.
This is way to generate exact filter on attributes, plus it gives you nice other features, like count per value and filters

I would recommend reading this guide:

Here is an example to illustrate what you want to achieve

Please let me know if that answers your question,
have a great day

okay, thanks a lot, its really the easiest way

I used a refinement widget on my search results page wich is on an other route,
with the desired attribute, and a defaultRefinement wich is the given query

helped my for a quick fix