Excluding Pages, Blog Posts in WordPress

Hello everyone!

I’m using “WP Search with Algolia By WebDevStudios” plugin for my EDD site. For search, I only want to show products, product categories, and product tags. The plugin got the option to choose only these types on autocomplete settings.

But for the search page, all the post types are coming. Is there a way we can exclude the unwated post types from indices.

Note: The plugin created an indice called “searchable_posts” to show all posts on the search page.

Please help.


Hello Akhil!

The WP Search with Algolia By WebDevStudios isn’t an official Algolia integration, but a third-party plugin. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any support on this, and you may need to open an issue in the GitHub repository.

The repository looks maintained, so you’ll most likely get an answer!

If you ever decide to drop the plugin for any reason, we have a tutorial to integrate Algolia within WordPress in our documentation.