External Data is disabled on application "<APP_ID>". Contact support to have one added manually

While attempting to follow the Quickstart for Using Algolia on Netlify, I ran into this error (which apparently is unusual enough that it isn’t showing up on Google), under https://crawler.algolia.com/admin/external_data:

External Data is disabled on application “<APP_ID>”. Contact support to have one added manually.

and, under https://crawler.algolia.com/admin/domains:

Domain Verification is disabled on application "<APP_ID> ". Contact support to have one added manually.

… oddly, it also says has checkmarks in the “Verified” column.

I think my setup is pretty boring / by the books, the only issue I can think of it that I’m using a default Netlify subdomain / domain (for dev purposes), so maybe that looks spammy to Algolia?

Waiting to hear back from support, but in the meantime, seemed prudent to start a conversation that others can find.

It’s a new one to me. Definitely let me know what your hear form support. Feel free to DM me your app ID as well, I can’t do much in the back end but I can at least take a look at it.

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I think I need to reach “trust level 1” to DM you.

Haven’t gotten too far with support yet, they said they fixed the problem, but I’m still seeing the same errors. I asked:

Just for future reference, is there something I did wrong that triggered that state? Maybe it’s because I jumped into trying to use the Netlify plugin, before completing the normal onboarding flow?

… and the response was:

Netlify users don’t have access to this feature. This is something you’ll need to reach out to the Support team for to update on our end.

Waiting to hear back from support.

So far the onboarding experience – using Quickstart for Using Algolia on Netlify | Algolia – has been a bit frustrating.

I’m guessing my experience is not a typical one, but it might be worth giving that flow a try from scratch (using a new, free account), just in case.

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Keep me informed how things go with support. App IDs aren’t really secret since you have to plug them into the front end. You could drop it here in the thread, but if you’d prefer to keep it private, you can email it to me (chuck.meyer@algolia.com).

Thanks for the feedback on the Netlify experience. I’ll run through it this week and see what I hit. It’s a bit atypical because it’s one of the few places (outside DocSearch) where we include the Crawler as part of the integration, rather than as a separate product you control.