Externals.io discussions can now be searched


Hi everyone!

After a night’s work I’m happy to show the new search on http://externals.io :smiley:

Externals.io is a way to read PHP’s internals mailing list, in a much friendlier way than existing solutions. With the new search users will be able to search through the archives for a specific email or discussion.

Cheers everyone and thanks for the great product!


Super nice search @matthieu! And not bad for a night’s work :wink:

I like the UX you’ve implemented here. Highlighting is easy to see, name and timestamp fields add useful context, and the inline results are working just as well on mobile.


Thanks for the feedback!

Well actually I’ll take the opportunity to ask for your opinion: right now you can search emails. However discussions are organized by threads (a list of emails in a thread). So ideally what I would like to do is offer search both in emails, and in threads.

The goal would be that if you search for the “PHP 7.1” release thread, you get the thread link, not 10 links to emails contained in that thread.

However I’ve used the “instantsearch” widget and it seems to be made to work with a single index only (I have 2 indexes: “emails” and “threads” -> only “emails” is used for now). Would you recommend I try to hack around “instantsearch” to make it work somehow with 2 indexes, or that I start from scratch with the JS client to search on both indexes? Or is there a 3rd (simpler) solution (e.g. search across multiple indexes)?



Hi @matthieu, there’s a way to do multiple indices search with instantsearch.js, have a look at this jsFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/j9nwpz34/

Let me know if that helps!