Facet Display config not showing on the front end


I having been spinning round and around on this one so any help would be appreciated.

My starting point was here, creating 2 refinements lists one of which is in a dropdown:

I then configured Facet displays for both in the dashboard (I am actually using the API renderingContent to do this, but that shouldn’t make any difference) to create a custom order for my facet items. However this has no effect on the front end.

I then remove the refinement list from the Dropdown so I have 2 standard refinement lists, but have to change the in InstantSearch.js version from 4.9.1 to 4.25.0 to get the Facet Display working.

I then reintroduced the Dropdown but have add sortBy: [‘name:asc’] to my reifinementList to avoid an error, but this overrides my Facet Display settings:

Any help in getting facet display settings working in a dropdown would be very welcome.


I have have managed to eradicate my script errors, so this issued is now solved.