Facet filtering does not work on a replica index


I have an index, called PRODUCTS_oldest that contains all my products, ordered by date (asc). It’s a replica of the primary index “PRODUCTS”, of which PRODUCTS_newest is another replica.

When I do a facet filtering search “city:Paris” on PRODUCTS_newest, I get 30 results. When I do the same search on PRODUCTS_oldest, there are no results, although it seems the two indices share the same configuration. This is true for a search made via the API, and also for a search made via the Algolia dashboard.

When I simply browse PRODUCTS_oldest on the dashboard, I see that there are indeed products whose city is Paris. But if I do a search, they do not appear as results.

Do you have some hints to solve this issue please?

Here are 2 screenshots that show the problem:

If you ask, both PRODUCTS_newest and PRODUCTS_oldest have a configuration that looks like this:

Hi Arnaud,
Thanks for posting this question here. Have you double checked to see “city” is set as an attribute for faceting in the replica indices? This is available on the dashboard via Configuration >> Filtering and Faceting. If that is already the case, we would love to take a closer look, but would require Personification access to do so. Once you’ve done that, please e-mail support@algolia.com letting us know you did so, and which App ID we should be looking into. Thanks!

Hi Maria,

You were right, it was a problem on Configuration >> Filtering and Faceting. Thank you very much !


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