Facet Filtering on Browse?

I am designing a messaging platform where the user can build a query via the front end to select a segment of their contact list to send a message to. I want to take this query, pass it to the backend and run another search to get ALL (and hopefully distinct) matching records so that I can run an operation on each one.

From what I see in the documentation the search calls are limited to 1000 results, and It doesn’t appear that I can pass the browse or browseall operations any kind of filter. Am I missing some way here that my backend can reliably fetch and do an operation of each record is the match count exceeds 1k records?

Ahhhh… I didn’t realize you could pass browseAll a query and query parameters. That was not very clear in the documentation. I think this solution will work:

var browser = index.browseAll('',{
    filters:'contactTags:hero OR contactTags:scholar'

I’ll consider this answered unless anyone know a reason why this is bad idea.


Hi @jake! Thanks for posting and glad you were able to find the answer.

I agree that could be more clear and I’ve shared that with the documentation team. We’ll make sure that gets addressed for the next version. If you have any other issues, don’t hesitate to post again.